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Milan Digital Week Italy
2023 | Milan | 🇮🇹

Children as Urban Planners Workshop

In October 2023, during Milano Digital Week, the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan hosted the "Children as Urban Planners" workshop. 

This workshop introduced young participants and their parents to urban planning principles. 
For this event, we developed a simplified UrbanistAI interface to make it more intuitive and engaging, ensuring children can navigate and use it with ease.

The workshop began with an introduction to urban planning, discussing its definition, significance, the role of urban planners, the necessity of planning for community well-being, and the importance of considering diverse community perspectives to create spaces that meet the residents' needs.

The first hands-on task was designed around reimagining a schoolyard. 
Children were creating different solutions using the UrbanistAI Children’s interface on iPads and their mobile phones. 
Subsequent interactive segment encouraged children to engage in discussions about their experiences in urban settings. With our team's guidance, they participated in an exercise conceptualizing their vision of an ideal city. The UrbanistAI tool enabled the transformation of their concepts into detailed and realistic urban representations. 

After each interactive task, participants reviewed and voted on the proposed designs. Our team facilitated these discussions, emphasizing the common features and elements prevalent in the top-voted solutions.

TAKEAWAYS This event provided an early introduction to city planning and design for children, helping them understand their role in shaping their cities. By placing children at the heart of the design process, we foster their creativity and sense of civic responsibility. 
This prepares them to actively contribute to their communities in the future.

Through this interactive urban design workshop, children gained insights into city planning and design principles.
The workshop also allowed them to engage with advanced AI technology in an accessible and friendly manner.
Our event represents a groundbreaking initiative where children participate in the city planning process using AI technology.