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About UrbanistAI

We aim to popularize Participatory AI to improve the social ecology of our cities. Our team develops solutions to tackle planetary challenges and strengthen social networks. We can’t do it alone. We work with the extensive network and agency of our partners to achieve impact at scale.

Luca Stornaiuolo

Luca Stornaiuolo, PhD in Information Technology, is an expert in generative AI models and co-founder of Toretei. He received his MSc in Computer Science and Engineering in October 2017 and PhD in Information Technology in February 2021 at Politecnico di Milano. He was part of the NECSTLab (Novel, Emerging Computing System Technologies Laboratory at Politecnico di Milano) to conduct research in the areas of Hardware/Software Codesign and Data Science and he developed research projects in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Data Visualization at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab in Cambridge, MA. His company, Toretei, consists of an international team of researchers, artists, engineers, and designers whose mission is to democratize the use of the latest AI technologies and augment design processes and creativity. With this vision, Luca co-founded ReDraw and UrbanistAI.

Liza Gazeeva
Liza Gazeeva is a Boston-based UX/UI designer and illustrator. She is a co-founder of Toretei, an Italian high-tech company, which develops AI-powered design software solutions, and offers consulting services to help other companies integrate generative AI technologies into their design processes. Liza Gazeeva is one of the authors of UrbanistAI. In her work, she explores how AI can transform and augment design processes and creativity. She designs intuitive, fully customized AI-based interactive tools and platforms.
Damiano Cerrone
Co-Founder |
Damiano Cerrone is an urbanist, researcher and educator. He is the co-founder of SPIN Unit, an urban research and innovation practice, and UrbanistAI, a participatory design platform to reimagine the future of our cities. At UrbanistAI, Cerrone is building partnerships with public and private organisations to integrate the Participatory AI into public engagement and communication programmes. His work focuses on improving the effectiveness and impact of civic engagement, and on making planning processes more inclusive and joyful. Cerrone is a frequent speaker at international conferences. He leads innovation projects and designs seminars and workshops. Cerrone is also affiliated with and teaches at several academic institutions in Finland and abroad.

UrbanistAI is a service delivered by our founding organizations in Italy / Finland / Estonia.

UrbanistAI Italy

Toretei S.R.L.
Company name: Toretei S.R.L.
Company address: Via Tommaso Salvini, 25 - 00197 - Roma (RM)
VAT: IT15451631004

UrbanistAI Finland

Company name: SPINUNIT Lab Oy
Company address: Mechelininkatu 23, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
Finnish company registration nr: 2916199-1
VAT: FI29161991
PIC number: 884696552

Bank name: Nordea Bank Abp
Address: Satamaradankatu 5, 00580 Helsinki
IBAN: FI14 1544 3000 3462 42

e-invoice address: FI14 1544 3000 3462 42
Operator ID: 
e.invoice operator:
UrbanistAI Estonia

Company name: SPINUNIT OÜ
Company address: Keapa, Patika küla, Rae vald, Harjumaa, Estonia, 75316
Estonian company registration nr: 14172199
VAT number: EE101935618

e-invoice addres: 003714172199
Operator ID: 003723327487
e.invoice operator: APIX Messaging Oy

Bank name: HOLVI
IBAN: FI15 7997 7999 5450 51