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UrbanistAI The platform to reimagine 
the future of our cities.

Shifting stakeholders' roles from commentators to change-makers.

Collective intelligence meets AI to transform participatory planning and co-design.

    Visualize the impact of local and regional policies on urban transformation and adaptation.

    Enhance the quality of decision-making through collaborative ideation.

    Introduce a flexible medium to improve dialogue between citizens and policymakers.


    Collaboratively design new concepts for public spaces and building designs.

    Assess design solutions with stakeholders and the help of AI agents.


    Conduct in-person and online polls to select the most desirable ideas.

    The New Playbook for Social Imagination.

    A multi-platform experience 
    to lead co-design workshops,
    public campaigns and map-based ideation.


    Complete suite of UrbanistAI tools + Project Management


    Drawing and Rendering


    Map-based Online Ideation and Data Collection

    Mobile Visualizing Urban Futures
    With UrbanistAI Mobile, local governments, communication agencies, and interest groups can launch map-based campaigns to re-imagine public spaces in specific geographic areas.

    This new method brings policymakers and citizens closer together, enhances understanding of the city’s strategic goals, and facilitates more informed decision-making by providing clear, visual representations of policy outcomes.

    When trained with policy documents, UrbanistAI Mobile enables policymakers to demystify complex urban policies by allowing participants to visualize their real-world implications.

    UrbanistAI Mobile deployed in the city of Zürich 🇨🇭 for Denk Züri Neu.

    Coming soon

    Community Highlights 

    Stories of a paradigm shift from our partners and clients

    Insights and Updates 

    News - Reports - Media - Blog Posts

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    Partners and Clients

    Since 2023, UrbanistAI has started to establish partnerships with public and private organizations globally to drive organizational innovation, develop new engagement practices, and support participatory planning campaigns.
    We have also provided UrbanistAI to private companies, design studios and communication agencies using the platform for public engagement. 

    Public Sector


    Private and Third sector

    Start using UrbanistAI


    Start using UrbanistAI with a monthly subscription for you or your organization that provides full access to essential features for conducting participatory AI workshops, experimentation and co-design sprints. 

    Our team will help you set up and run your Participatory AI workshops and campaigns by identifying the best methods, providing a training session to equip your team with essential skills, and offering ongoing support throughout the workshop.
    Custom experiences
    UrbanistAI can be customized for special occasions such as exhibitions and events, or developed into a full-scale GovTech application with a custom UX/UI and a locally trained generative AI model.

    We are out there, working with you 

    We assist in designing participatory planning methods that resonate with local policies,  practices and desired impact.

    We emphasize a partnership-driven approach.
    Our commitment is to work alongside you, customizing our models to align with your community’s unique needs and positive biases. By leveraging our platform together, we can achieve greater impact, sharing empathy and trust.

    Establish a partnership with UrbanistAI to design a custom urban AI platform for your organization or personalize the interaction process.

    Participate in capacity-building sessions with our AI and public engagement specialists to build new skills and independently run workshops.

    Our Projects 

    GovTech and Innovation
    Our commitment to government innovation goes beyond technology. We partner with local and national governments to create smarter, more inclusive urban planning processes. Together, we visualize policies, enhance decision-making, and foster trust through transparent and engaging methods.    

    Capacity Building Develop and implement training programs to equip your team with the skills needed for using AI in urban planning.
    GovTech Development Build applications tailored to your specific requirements, enhancing the effectiveness of Participatory AI.
    Enhanced Trust Strengthen relationships with the public through transparent and participatory processes.

    Custom Participatory AI
    Whether you are planning an exhibition or envisioning a new method to be integrated into UrbanistAI, our team is here to customize the platform and tune or train our GenAI model to achieve your desired social impact and user experience.

    Tailored Workshop We can support the design and facilitation of workshops that address your specific urban planning challenges.
    Exhibitions and Open Imagination Together we can design and create engaging, interactive exhibitions that bring urban futures to life.
    Use Methods Collaborate on developing and integrating your participatory planning methods into the platform.

    Programs and Campaigns
    UrbanistAI is your partner in co-designing innovative engagement programs. We work closely with you to develop participatory planning campaigns and workshop series that resonate with your community and stakeholders. Our collaborative approach ensures that every program is customized to meet your specific needs.

    Participatory Planning and Education Campaigns Engage the community in meaningful dialogue about urban development.
    Workshop Series Develop a series of workshops that build capacity and foster collaboration.
    Engagement Strategies Create tailored strategies to maximize community involvement and impact.

    Collaborative Grant Applications
    Let’s join forces to secure funding and develop groundbreaking participatory AI methods. UrbanistAI is experienced in writing successful grant applications, and we are eager to collaborate with you to reshape the future of participatory urban planning. Together, we can explore new horizons and create transformative solutions.

    Funding Application Collaboration Work together to secure funding from national, European, and federal sources.
    Academic Grants Collaborate on academic grants to turn new Participatory AI methods into real pilot projects.
    Impact Investing Co-design value propositions for social and environmental benefits for private foundations, charities, and corporations.