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Biodiverse City? Estonian Museum of Natural History
2023 | Tallinn | 🇪🇪

Envisioning Urban Nature and NBS

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Opened on October 6, 2023, the BiodiverseCity? exhibition at the Estonian Museum of Natural History in Tallinn explores the harmonious coexistence of urban life and nature. Supported by Tallinn – European Green Capital 2023, this exhibition invites visitors to ponder and respond to how cities and nature intertwine and support each other.

The exhibition challenges visitors to think about their ideal city environment and the role of nature within it. It encourages the appreciation of natural elements in urban settings and emphasizes the importance of preserving biodiversity in cities.

One of the key features of the exhibition was an interactive dual-screen running a customized version of UrbanistAI, enabling attendees to conceptualize a more biodiverse urban environment and visualize the transformation of communal areas into more natural, wildlife-friendly spaces. Participants initiated the process by choosing an image of a park, street, plaza, or courtyard within Tallinn.  

They then personalized it by choosing assorted activities and environments they wished to incorporate. UrbanistAI would take these selections and craft visual representations, demonstrating the possibilities of blending nature into city settings. Participants who wanted to keep a record of their visionary cityscapes were provided with QR codes, allowing them to download and share their unique UrbanistAI-generated designs.

TAKEAWAYS The BiodiverseCity? exhibition effectively utilized UrbanistAI to engage visitors in a practical exploration of urban biodiversity. By blending interactive technology with educational content, the exhibition provided a unique platform for understanding and designing biodiverse urban spaces.

UrbanistAI enabled participants, especially younger visitors, to express their ideas creatively and see them materialize in vivid urban scenarios.
By allowing participants to experiment with different cityscapes, the exhibition fostered awareness about urban biodiversity and its importance for sustainable city life.
Tailored adaptations of UrbanistAI can empower various organizations, like museums, to leverage generative AI technology, creating fresh narratives and bespoke experiences that educate their patrons in innovative ways.
Particpants select a photograph from their city and understand how the future of their city may look like by experiencing it.